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Content in the academy:   After a very long time serving in the field of photography, We as Mukopix discovered the loopholes in the knowledge and understanding of this subject within the community and those with whom we serve in the same filed. Taking Uganda as a case study many people have no or less knowledge on photography, photographic gadgets in this case you find a recognized gentleman with a digital camera worth 2million Uganda shillings but not knowing its mechanism at all even failure to differentiate whether its digital or film then he has to go into the studio to ask for help where he is charged a lot of money for just showing him its focus. Other colleagues in the field are hired to take wedding coverage and still photos of very important ceremonies at the end of the day, the whole coverage becomes a total mess due to lack of photography knowledge just because many of them just got rooted into this activity without being empowered with competence in it.

Due to this demand, Mukopix established  the a cademy to improve the photography aspect through training all interested persons who qualify with the organization conditions to see that full competence is recognized in the professional photographer compared to the ones who take photos for general happiness. In this strategy, We first educated the mass by use of the local broadcast where the Director aired out a lot of insights as regards photography however this was a program that seemed to be too demanding in terms of funds of which the organization could not encore hence coming up with “MUKOPIX ACADEMY OF PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY” 

Addressing un employment as a major problem in most of the African countries, school dropouts, low income earners and even those that are disadvantaged like orphans, we found it important to equip such groups with necessary knowledge for instance getting immediate cash at a given function by just taking express photos so that once an individual is well equipped with such techniques then can start life and makes it worth living for proper sustainability. Though it’s still challenging more especially when it comes to buying of these gadgets like digital cameras, Digital printers etc. But with support and collaboration and advice from those that may be already serving the purpose since there is no one who is a custodian of knowledge we hope to achieve this to greater horizons.


1. Empowering the youth with professional IT photography.
2.Empowering professional photographic skills to the disadvantaged in order to make a living.
3.Providing start up kits to the disadvantaged to boost/enrish their photography field work
4. Instilling the discipline of photography in both students and the working class within this field.
5.Establishing a strong bedlock for today and tomorrow’s photography through highlighing the best techniques of application.


  • Classical Weddings
  • Social inspiration
  • A source of light
  • Market photography
  • A different perspective
  • Advanced Photoshop Techniques
  • Mastering weddings
  • Contemporary Portraiture


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